Warren Rankins for President, 2008

My Views

I am a very issue-oriented person, but no doubt people will label my stances on various issues as being liberal, moderate, or conservative. However, because of my preponderance for varied views depending upon the issue, I am most certainly officially "unaffiliated" with any party. My views are not politically aligned in nature, but I am sure that each party has views that I, too, would at least somewhat purport to.

Moral issues: I prefer to get this one out of the way first because our politicians (with the help of mass media) seem to spend an inordinate amount of time opining on issues that canNOT be solved by government. What I mean by this is that the United States does not purport to one moral standard for all. Since the nation does not adhere to that we cannot possibly solve moral issues (that have been overly politicized). Abortion and gay marriage come to mind first. While I have strong convictions on those two issues I believe the government should not be a tool of morality used to impose someone else's morality on everyone else. It might even be that the majority of people would adhere to a certain morality (i.e., pro-life/definition of marriage act), but I do not believe we can legislate morality in the two aforementioned areas. While I may even agree with the more conservative of those of us out there on these two issues (which is okay, by the way), I just don't believe the government can legally make laws on them. I can see the Supreme Court declaring them unconstitutional because laws governing those issues may either be violations of the 5th and 14th Amendments, or outright discrimination. One final note on this issue: Our leaders have spent so much time on issues that our government cannot solve because they're full of passion and rhetoric that ignites and polarizes constituents and debate. They deflect the American psyche AWAY from REAL issues, with REAL (potential) solutions, and instead have given us issues that are narrow, and with specific interests. If a voter votes for a candidate due to a single issue, or even a few moral issues I'm not sure that makes that voter well-informed, or even logical (no offense meant, but I'm tired of people not being introspective and self-aware. Have some metacognitive ability with self-reflection skills, please!). My goal is to bring REAL ISSUES to the forefront.

Political Points

Where I stand on: Education, the economy and jobs, reliance on oil, the environment, taxes, the Iraq/War on Terrorism, illegal aliens, pork-barrel politics, lobbying/lobbyists (the previous two are absolutely related in my view), health care, insurance companies, term limits for Congressmen, the UN, and Social Security.