Warren Rankins for President, 2008

A Short Autobiography

I was raised in the St. Louis, Missouri area. I had good success both academically/athletically in high school (track and cross country), and was able to parlay that into a scholarship to the University of Missouri-Columbia. I received a BA of History, with a political science minor, and my teacher certification all from Mizzou. I have very fond memories of Mizzou, the friends I made, and the athletic experiences I was blessed enough to have opportunities in. I met my wife at Mizzou (she was a gymnast), and we have one son, and a daughter on the way. I now teach American History, Current Events, and Current Social Issues in Maize, Kansas, and I also coach distance runners for our track team. Things I like to do: hike/climb to the top of 14ers in Colorado, travel, read, spend time with my family, watch St. Louis Cardinals baseball & Dallas Cowboys football, and follow Missouri Tiger sports, as well as the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. Baseball cards are also a passion for me.

As far as my political experience: I do not have any! My views could be considered moderate, though I am very much more issue-oriented than politically aligned (to be shared on another section of this website). This is one great reason why I would make a potentially good president. I am concerned with the "common good" of America, and interests derived from pork-barrel politics and alignment with those interests that feel entitled to legislation/favors because of their campaign donations have little or no place in our government. I understand the reality is more complex than that, but people/corporations that might choose to donate to my campaign need to know upfront that I will not become beholden to those interests.